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Universal Sex Ethics: Social and Spiritual Sexual Education

Please visit our Blog to read the very informative articles!

Sexual Ethics or Sex Ethics is ethical behavior regarding sex on all levels such as social and spiritual

Social and Spiritual Sex Ethics







Sex Ethics for females is about knowing when to have sex, when not to have sex and the reasons why!


USE was established as a result of Ethereal Revelations and Encounters over several years!



It is actually natural and normal to only have sex after having got married! What we're doing by having sex with someone we have feelings for or to satisfy our own needs is not natural or normal for the body and/or the soul!


Social Sex Ethics

* Become Sex Ethically Educated

* Know and understand the "Sex Ethics Code and Scale"

* Learn about our New Researched Information on power-sharing regarding sex

* Get the edge by knowing and understanding how a man operates and thinks

* Discover the secrets men kept for centuries

* Avoid falling in the same trap females have been falling into for centuries

* Educate your daughter properly with our New and Futuristic Information

* There is more to sex than meets the eye, everyone should know about

* Marry for LOVE and start your life-partnership the right way

* Even before the emancipation of women, have women tried to change the primitive nature of men. Most have not even come close to realizing that this is not possible. The solution to this challenge is: a female must simply know and understand how to work around it and manage it shrewdly to her advanatge, the way we teach and explain to females

* Prevent infidelity with our adult-sex education as part of this type of Sex Ethics Education

* Save an unhappy marriage

* Save your marriage after infidelity


Age Appropriate Behavior

Age appropriate behavior for Grade 7 children when dating: we are only friends and don't touch each other.

Age apropriate behavior for Grade 8 children when dating: we can hold hands.

Age aprorpiate behavior for Grade 9 children when dating: we can give each other a peck on the cheek or mouth, hold hands and talk about feelings.

Age apropriate behavior for Grade 10 children when dating: we start to kiss properly, hug and hold hands.

Age apropriate behavior for grade 11 children when dating: we make out thoroughly, but we don't have sex.

Age apropriate behavior for grade 12 and beyond when dating: we fondle a little, make out properly, hug or hold each other, but we still don't have sex. Sex is for married couples and life-partners.

Never ever, do we put pressure on ourselves for anything, especially not for sex. Ripe early; rotten early!


Spiritual Sex Ethics

* Discover the exciting field of Spiritual Sex Ethics (Fully Illustrated)

* Learn how sex alters our souls

* Learn how sex attaches souls

* Learn how the soul governs love and sex differently

* Create a secure environment for your kids, as their souls can't survive any other environment

* Reverse the harm and destruction handed out to children the past 2000 years

* Find out how to become Financially Independent the correct way through Sex Ethics and be Blessed Eternally

* Learn what the Aquarian Age, which starts in 2013, holds for us

* Many say "don't make an issue of sex," but what if sex is the one act that changes a person's energy completely, therefore the hymen and warning not to be licentious?


People believe they can have sex with any chosen partner; sex supposedly only being a physical act. What if it isn't just a physical act, but has an effect on much more than what we believe and that our Creator tried to make us aware of it by giving a babygirl a hymen?

Having worked closely with virgins, it has become aparent that virgins, including male virgins, automatically attract fantastic opportunities and luck into their lives, because their natural transmissions are pure and uncontaminated. Please read our "Blog" to learn more about the positive energy virgins bring and the benefits it holds for our earth!


This information is for the individual who cares about the health of your

own spiritual being and position in the beyond, others' spiritual beings,

especially the spiritual being of your child and not only the physical

health, social aspects of an ethical and moral lifestyle!


If you want to be different; superior, know and have more knowledge

than others, then this information is for you!!


Manual I                                 Manual II


In these manuals above, you'll read about the Aquarian Age, which is actually only taking effect at the end of 2012, yet slowly starting October 28 2011, how things will never be the same as it used to be throughout the Piscean Age, not even with our finances and that people should stop waiting for things to return back to "normal," because they CAN'T and never will again! Instead we should come up with a new mind-set to prosper, as we cannot fall back on old ways and ideas; they won't work anymore. Conducting ourselves in a way that is in the interest of our bodies & souls' well-being; to protect ourselves and keep ourselves safe and uncontaminated ... to receive clearer transmissions is of the essence! Promiscuous sex lowers vibration, connecting those that engage in promiscuous sex, on the wrong level. Learn how to embrace the new incoming energy that will take effect soon.

Remember, we are not in a global resession! This is the way it is going to be from now on by living in the truth — us all earning our dues with very hard work. The rich won't be kept rich by the poor anymore, because the poor will be too poor to pay for the rich person at the top of the food chain to stay wealthy.


Shocking Revelation!


People Don't Love Truly & Deeply Anymore

Love Has Become Shallow because sex is mistaken for love!


Many years after getting married, spouses realize they don't really love each other, but why? How is this possible? How did this happen? Only a small percentage of people truly love their spouses ...

Women attempt the impossible ... trying to grow love in a man after sex!

Read more about this topic on our Blog - 'Males' Relationship Requests'



Please visit our Blog to read the very informative articles.

Infidelity is the worst thing that can happen to any person, because it harms the soul! Nobody (perpetrator and/or accomplice) can afford to have such an act on their conscience anymore!


We are currently upgrading and editing all data contained in the Articles of the Universal Sex Ethics Manuals. Visit our RSS link (right side of site) and let us inform you when the upgrade will be completed and the material ready for download.


Could it be that a man's love for the woman he is interested in, stops growing the moment he has sex with her? Read about it from our blog!

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Weekly Thought!
Prevention is the only remedy; there is no cure!
From the founder and author of Universal Sex Ethics: "Few people will pick up on sex ethical behavior by themselves, since most people follow what others do or what the media advocates and promotes. People need to be taught proper sex ethics to make it stick for them and to conduct themselves in an ethical way regarding sex. I appeal to you, please protect your soul at all cost, because having sex with other souls, other than one's life-long life-partner, is doing exactly the opposite! You have no idea what I've seen with my strange spiritual encounters, but if you had, you would think very ... but very carefully before deciding to have sex outside wedlock or a committed life-partnership!
Many women talk about getting married as though it is some special event that would miraculuously unite souls. Many, rightfully say they have to solve problems and issues before this special event, called marriage, which is good and probably right if there was no sex. I have news for you though if you had sex with a man, you are already married to him, even though no vows were taken, which means 'your souls are united!' The solving of problematic issues should be done before sex, because sex is the special event that most people treat as just another event!"
Wishing you diamonds and pearls for the week ahead ...

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