The aim of Universal Sex Ethics is to create individuals that live with dignity and respect, of which sexual intercourse strips us of.

Establishing ethical, decent and moral sexual behavior globally, a high universal standard for all to live by, is of the essence.

USE also aims to produce as many, as is possible, individuals who are educated and informed regarding appropriate sexual behavior and Universal Sex Ethics’ sexual-ethics knowledge.

An important aim is to create the need in people to want to keep their body, mind and soul pure and clean by way of making the necessary knowledge available since things that are understood can be applied.

Moreover, it is the aim to get the highest number of people to complete the foundation courses, numerous or all advanced courses, as well as, apply the knowledge and to become life-long members of Universal Sex Ethics to acclaim sexually appropriate status. These members will thus be in the highest sexually appropriate league for having earned supreme status on the sexual-ethics scale.

For those, who already have and apply this different and superior knowledge successfully, a world of admiration awaits and occurs every day, helping in achieving our aim!


  • Become informed anywhere, anytime suitable
  • Learn in the privacy of your own home
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Increase your retention
  • Achieve more in less time
  • Review courses and videos as often as you like
  • No public embarrassing moments
  • No feelings of judgement
  • Learn from moral mentors and role models
  • Get the most recent researched knowledge
  • Obtain easily comprehensible and appliable knowledge

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