In any new or unexplored area there must be an introduction to the heart of what the topic or study field is all about. Universal Sex Ethics is introduced to you, as it is fresh and valuable knowledge everyone must have.


  • How USE was discovered by the founder of this widely unknown area of study.
  • How the founder relates USE to everyday life and the modern world.
  • The way people who don’t have this knowledge get affected on a day-to-day basis in everyday life is discussed.
  • How we are to use and apply USE to improve moral standards and increase appropriate sexual behavior.
  • How being a member and obtaining this extraordinary knowledge in an ongoing manner improves the quality of our own “love-life.”
  • How we can improve the lives of our children by applying merely the basics of USE.
  • How we can become better continuously at life by applying the advanced knowledge, thus explaining the necessity of studying the advanced courses as an integral part of USE to keep improving behavior by applying ethics, which ultimately will improve moral standards.
  • How this knowledge improves the quality of life for all.


To commend you for finishing this course, a free downloadable certificate will be available for your convenience upon completion of the quizzes.

Course Features

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