By the way people behave lately, it is proof that people don’t know when to have sex. Many people have become atheists which cause people to believe they don’t need to behave ethically and morally with high standards. Religion should not have an influence on how we behave as humans. There should be a set standard for the way we behave in all the areas of our life.

This Course

This course is specially designed to help you learn as quickly and efficiently as possible.
First, you will learn the basics of the do’s and don’ts of sexual behavior.
Then you will learn everything else you need to know about how each gender should and shouldn’t behave.
You’ll learn what you can control and what not.


There are certain things we as males, females and couples just never do that will be discussed in each lecture.
There are already things you might do that you aren’t aware of which will be covered in this course.
Upon completion of this course, you will know exactly what the do’s and don’ts of sexual behavior is.


With our new lecture method by watching videos while listening to the script, individuals now learn better and faster without having to read everything. To add, we’re now supporting our lectures, this one in particular, with a forum and discussions as well as expert training so you can get started on becoming educated and informed even faster.


Upon completion of the quizzes, a certificate will be provided that can be downloaded.

Course Features

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